Primary Care Providers

Access to Child Psychiatric Consults and Care Navigation Services for Your Patients

Do you need support with managing mental and behavioral health conditions in children and adolescents in your pediatric or family practice?

VMAP Will Give You:
  • Education and training on mental health screening, diagnosis and treatment education through programs such as REACH and Project ECHO

  • Access to a consult line to a regional child psychiatrist and psychologist/social worker

  • Capability to do telepsychiatry or telepsychology visits in your offices*

  • Assistance through Care Navigators to help your families find mental health resources in their community*

*Some VMAP programs are still in development and not yet available to registered providers. Please see our FAQ and check regularly on the website for the latest updates. 

VMAP is NOT a Referral Line!

We are here to help you learn how to manage mental and behavioral health in your practice.  Please plan on participating in an educational program if you register for VMAP. 

The time and how you participate in the education is up to you!

For details on educational programs such as REACH and Project ECHO in your area, see Virginia Chapter of the AAP.


Register to Use VMAP:

To sign up for VMAP, please complete the practice demographics and provider enrollment forms below. Upon registration, each provider will receive a confirmation email that includes a guide to VMAP processes and procedures, including the call center phone number and operating hours.

Only one practice demographic form needs to be completed per practice.  If you are unsure if your practice has submitted a form, please submit one just in case.

Each individual provider (MD, DO, NP, or PA) needs to complete a provider enrollment to use VMAP services.

Don't see your question answered here? Check out our FAQ or contact us directly


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